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Keep My Street Green Program: Storm Drain Audit

Here’s the Challenge!

Why are we doing this?

According to recent estimates, there’s over 220 Million tons of plastic in the Atlantic Ocean, and each year it’s growing by almost 2%. Plastic debris from our drains goes into local streams and ultimately goes right into the ocean, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

Our Mission

Protect our Oceans from plastic pollution by stopping it at the source.

Let’s make Parsippany the first town in New Jersey to have zero plastic leakages through our storm drains. We shall achieve it collectively through AAA* programs.

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iVolunteer App:

An intuitive App interface for Audit

To Audit a street, click on the above highlighted “Audit a Street” link in the app.
Click on the bottom right ‘+’ plus icon to add new area (Town, Street/Area). Note: First time, this screen will be shown as blank as there is no history of past Audit records.
Fill the Audit Street Form of the desired area (Town & Street Name) that you would like to audit.
Option to add real time images while doing the audits
Bottom right camera icon to click the real time pictures while doing the audit.
The above screen will be shown once the Audit is completed.