Cigarette Butt Recycle Program for Business

A program to protect our streams

Why to Recycle Cigarette Butts ?

Cigarette butts(CB) are made of cellulose acetate, a man-made plastic material, and contain hundreds of toxic chemicals. Chemicals leaching from cigarette butts can be lethal to freshwater and marine fish species. Quick Fact is 65% of all cigarette butts are littered. Tobacco products make up 38% of all roadway litter.

Who are all partners in this Program?

KeepMyStreetGreen(KMSG) Organization working with the Parsippany Green Team and Environmental Advisory Committee. We are setting up a process in the Parsippany town to implement a cigarette butt recycling program. This will enable our town sustainable goals in preventing streams pollution and improve the business friendly environment. We are partnered with Terracycle procuring the CB receptacles and free shipping labels. We can earn $1 for every pound we ship for recycling. The rewards will be spent back to the town’s green programs. The rewards program was sponsored by the “Keep America Beautiful” organization.

For all Green teams across New Jersey, can use this platform to promote CB recycle receptacles in their own towns. We can customize labels as per local town green team or environmental commission instructions. Email will be set up for each town for label printing for shipping and reward programs. For example The rewards money will be distributed to local green teams to spend their own programs in the town.

How to participate in the program?

  1. Sponsor a receptacle by buying one for your business location, cost for each receptacle is $125.00
    KMSG will procure and install the box at your location.
    To Pay by check, payable to “KeepMyStreetGreen Organization or by Online from:
  2. Download & ship, Free Shipping Label instructions.
    When the container is full, download a prepaid shipping label and ship to Terracycle for recycling. Use below URL to log in and print free shipping label:
    Username & Pwd: / ParTroy#2879

Quick Facts

Success Stories

New Orleans, LA –
TerraCycle partnered with the City of New Orleans to launch the first city-wide cigarette recycling program in the USA. After the first year of the program, the total cigarette litter was reduced by 13%. Receptacles on Canal Street, located adjacent to large hotels and street fronts, had a 75-95% fill rate. The city has now recycled over 500,000 cigarette butts that would otherwise be littered on the streets.

Pittsburgh, PA –
TerraCycle partnered with Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to launch their cigarette recycling program in August of 2015. With over 100 receptacles installed around the downtown area, more than 75,000 packs worth of cigarettes have been recycled. Leigh White, vice president of marketing and communications for the PDP explained that cigarette butts had been collected for four of five years before TerraCycle partnership, but they were merely thrown in with the rest of the trash; however, now all of the butts are sent to TerraCycle to be recycled.